Sintered or plastic-bonded magnets with plastic

In the area of magnets as plastic and plastic composite parts, our in-house tool shop and mould making department ensure top quality and a perfect technical implementation.

Benefit from our many years of experience and our in-depth know-how when it comes to the production of sophisticated technical plastic parts with magnets. The properties of the magnets pose special challenges for the design of the injection moulding tools and the injection moulding process.

The required quality is achieved in part by the state-of-the-art equipment of our tool shop and mould-making department. We achieve an efficient production through a high degree of automation and the respective solutions are developed, designed and built in our in-house special mechanical engineering department.

Using rheological fill and warpage simulations, we ensure during the product development stage that the technical plastic parts completely meet your requirements. That allows you to be sure that everything fits together.


When parts are supposed to interlock precisely, just like gears, perfection is required. We will produce gearing for you that meets your highest standards and achieves a gearing quality up to grade 8 – even for very small parts.

We will perform gearing calculations and the design of complete transmissions in cooperation with our experienced external service providers.

CAD data will be fed right into the tool machines. Quality control is conducted by using gearing measuring machines and double flank gear rolling checks.


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