Holding magnets

In addition to our customer-specific magnet solutions, we are also offering top quality standard holding magnet systems.

  • Pot magnet systems with hard ferrite magnets
  • Pot magnet systems with neodymium-iron-boron magnets
  • Rod magnet systems with neodymium-iron-boron magnets
  • Pot magnet systems with samarium-cobalt magnets
  • Rod magnet systems with samarium-cobalt magnets
  • Rod magnet systems with neodymium-iron-boron magnets and plastic coating


The magnetic systems come with threaded bushes or threaded pins for fastening the systems. Alternatively, we also offer holding magnet systems with outer diameters featuring narrow tolerances for press fitting.

For orders involving large quantities, we will also develop and produce customer-specific holding magnet systems according to your specifications. This is based on a minimum order value of 1,000 euro.

Additional product areas

The requirements of our customers are very diverse, as is our product portfolio. More than 5,000 custom-developed products stand for quality and reliability.

Sintered magnets

Sintered magnets offer tremendous holding power and durability and are custom produced as hard ferrite magnets or rare earth magnets.

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Plastic bonded magnets - pressed

Plastic-bonded, pressed magnets offer a filling level of up to 97% NdFeB powder and thus higher magnetic values than injection-molded magnets.

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Plastic-bonded, injection-molded magnets

Plastic-bonded, injection-molded magnets have an enormous variety of shapes and allow the tightest tolerances.

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Sintered or plastic-bonded magnets with plastic

Since the 1980s, we have been overmolding sintered and plastic-bonded magnets with plastic and manufacturing functional elements for integration into assemblies.

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System solutions

For magnet assemblies, we process sintered and plastic-bonded permanent magnets into a customer-specific magnet system.

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