Magnets and magnet assemblies have to meet increasingly complex requirements. Decades of know-how in the fields of magnet and plastics technology have turned our company into a specialist for custom product development. We have already developed and produced 5,000 customer-specific articles.

Due to our great depth of production – beginning with powder processing or compounding – we are able to influence productivity and profitability in each development and production step. We are thrilled by the idea that our technologies help make the products of our customers successful.

Sintered magnets

Sintered magnets offer tremendous holding power and durability and are custom produced as hard ferrite magnets or rare earth magnets.

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Plastic bonded magnets - pressed

Plastic-bonded, pressed magnets offer a filling level of up to 97% NdFeB powder and thus higher magnetic values than injection-molded magnets.

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Plastic-bonded, injection-molded magnets

Plastic-bonded, injection-molded magnets have an enormous variety of shapes and allow the tightest tolerances.

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Sintered or plastic-bonded magnets with plastic

Since the 1980s, we have been overmolding sintered and plastic-bonded magnets with plastic and manufacturing functional elements for integration into assemblies.

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System solutions

For magnet assemblies, we process sintered and plastic-bonded permanent magnets into a customer-specific magnet system.

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Holding magnets

Our standard holding solenoids with holding forces from 5N to 900N such as pot magnet and bar magnet systems offer the right solution for every need.

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"We are excited about the idea of embedding success in our customers' products through our technology."

Heimo Hübner, Managing Director


Thanks to our many years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art simulation technology, we are already able to set the course for an efficient alignment of magnetic forces at the start of the development process. Either by using conventional analytical methods or the finite element method.

Determination of holding force

Determination of flux density


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