Fan wheels for small fans

MS-Schramberg manufactures "multi-component fan wheels" based on plastic-bonded injection-molded magnetic rotors for air conditioning - ranging from cooling electronic components to seat ventilation in cars.

The selection of suitable magnetic compounds is crucial for the economical production of large quantities. In this regard MS-Schramberg develops compounds based on hard ferrite (HF), neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) and, more recently, samarium iron nitride (SmFeN). Depending on the customer's requirements, a wide range is available. In the selection process, the focus is on factors such as economy (use of HF compounds) and performance requirements (use of NdeFeB compounds). Furthermore, the compounds must be optimized for the manufacturing process in order to be able to produce high-quality components. 

In addition to specifying the magnet compound and the engineering plastic for the fan wheel, the development and manufacture of the injection molds is crucial. MS-Schramberg has many years of experience in multi-component injection molding based on magnetic materials in combination with engineering plastics.

The advantages of this manufacturing process are:

  • Economical production due to simultaneous manufacturing over several mold cavities,
  • low component tolerances due to tool-bound dimensions,
  • high process reliability and thus high quality standards, since the components are manufactured in a single production step.

A key aspect of fan wheels is the minimum imbalance required to prevent noise generation. The advantages described above provide excellent conditions for this. In the case of particularly high demands on balance quality, the manufacturing concept used at MS-Schramberg also offers the possibility of optimizing the components in relation to the cavity. 


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