Solution competence

In order to provide solutions, one must know how to listen and understand.

We lend our know-how and experience to your development process.

Application-Technicla Support

At MS-Schramberg, comprehensive know-how regarding the shaping options and material properties of magnets meet state-of-the-art process and automation technologies. Combined with in-depth customer service, that is the basis for each of our custom magnet solutions.

Thanks to our depth of production, you will benefit from a development partnership that adapts precisely to your needs. From the initial idea and the joint development process to the production of prototypes all the way to the product qualification.

  • Magnetic-technical and mechanical designs
  • Material selection according to requirements
  • Design and optimization of component geometries

Simulation Tools

With the aid of various simulation tools, we are able to optimize the design of our magnet and system solutions before their manufacture.

Magnetic field calculation from the design of the magnetization coil to the signal path generated by the magnets.

Fluid dynamics for the optimization of tools and thermal shock analyses at the component

The optimal cooling of the tools, especially when it comes to injection molding tools, is absolutely essential to ensuring a highly efficient, top-quality production. CFD analyses are carried out as early as the request phase, e.g. in order to obtain reliable values for the achievable cycle time.

For example, thermal shock analyses are carried out in order to facilitate reliable statements regarding the use in challenging environmental conditions.

Structural-mechanical and thermal analyses

Structure analyses for tool optimization and the design and evaluation of custom parts are carried out in the same way as the CFD analyses.

Feasibility analysis and process optimization through virtual molding

To begin with, the components are “virtually” trialed through the “virtual molding” process. The resulting insights can be used to optimize tools and components in a comparatively shorter time.


Thanks to our many years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art simulation technology, we are already able to set the course for an efficient alignment of magnetic forces at the start of the development process. Either by using conventional analytical methods or the finite element method.

Determination of holding force

Determination of flux density


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