Implementation expertise

When visions can become reality.

Our name is synonymous with tailor-made, innovative results – and our products give us a competitive edge.

Tool/Mold making

We have been acquiring comprehensive expertise in the areas of tool making and mould making for decades. Whether it's magnetisation coils, test devices or complete production plants: We are offering innovative, high-quality solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs for all of your magnet projects.

Our tool/mold making procedures for tailor-made tool concepts include:

  • Simulation-supported tool development
    • Analysis software for volume data (e.g. from CT)
    • Tool correction with closed CA chain (CAD/CT/reverse engineering)
  • Pressing tools for magnetic parts
  • Injection molding tools for magnetic, plastic and hybrid parts
  • 1C and 2C tools with sensor technology or rotary unit if required
  • CAD/CAM coupling
  • CNC milling (partially automated, up to 5 axes)
  • CNC turning
  • CNC cylindrical grinding/flat grinding
  • Wire/sink eroding (automated)
  • Generative production of tool components via the SLM process
  • PVD coating system

Measurement technology

The demands on permanent magnets and magnet assemblies are becoming ever more complex. That means the requirements for measurement and testing technologies are also increasing.

Measurements of magnets and magnetic systems are one of our core competencies. With state-of-the-art measurement equipment, we will take care of the constant, process-accompanying monitoring of magnetic and mechanical requirements. Specially developed measuring devices also allow measurements that go way beyond standard requirements.

Automation technology

Anybody who wants to produce economically while maintaining a minimal error rate (zero-defect strategy), requires a high degree of automation and lean, efficient processes. We achieve this goal through maximum implementation precision and simultaneous optimization of work processes.

Our plant engineering and production facility department develops, designs and builds feeders, handling devices, assembly fixtures and test devices as well as complete production plants. In addition, we develop and build our own magnetization coils and the required magnetization devices.

Plant engineering - Intelligent automation solutions

  • In-house manufacturing and automation expertise, with everything taken into account during the projecting phase.
  • Holistic thinking with regard to economical production within product development and industrialization.
  • Specially tailored and optimized automation solutions that fulfill the requirements of the product to be manufactured in every process step.
  • Closely linked process technology and automation

Project Management

Our project management team, which consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers with extensive knowledge of project management as well as the materials and processes used at MS-Schramberg, is the central link to our customers during the product development process.

The close cooperation with our specialist departments (Tool making, Automation, Quality management, Procurement, Logistics) guarantees the optimal development and implementation of the products.

In order to detect discrepancies at an early stage in the process, we carry out regular section checks in the form of gates. In line with the current project status, the project management team examines and then approves them accordingly.

Following the successful product realization, an internal acceptance inspection and the customer's approval, the system and all its features are put into series production by our start-up management team.


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