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Sensor magnet joined in a sleeve
2 MB
Rotors for electric turbochargers
2 MB
MS-Schramberg in the medium
2 MB
MS-Schramberg in drinking water
2 MB
Powerful and customized rotor solutions
864 KB
Sensor magnet ring without additional bushings
226 KB
Components for cooling water pumps
160 KB
Magnets and plastic gearing
122 KB
Efficient use of rare earth elements in rotors
154 KB

Systematic approach to a precision polymer gear wheel
398 KB
Expert report 2023: Rotors for cooling water pumps
690 KB

Approach map
124 KB

Quality management system - IATF 16949
1 MB
quality management system - ISO 9001:2015
2 MB
environmental management system - DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
308 KB
occupational health and safety management system - ISO 45001:2018
308 KB
energy management system - ISO 50001:2018
308 KB

157 KB
Mission Statement
112 KB

Standard terms and conditions of sale
57 KB

Hazard warnings and handling guidelines
52 KB

Code of conduct for suppliers
127 KB
Quality assurance agreement for suppliers
222 KB
Suppliers self-declaration
178 KB
Agreement for suppliers without IATF 16949
187 KB
Container and packaging guidelines for suppliers
1 MB
Confidentiality Agreement
168 KB

224 KB


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