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Enthusiasm for technology and humanity go hand in hand at MS-Schramberg. We are offering the opportunity of a dual course of study that requires and fosters know-how as well as creative and innovative thinking. In addition, we treat each other with respect as well as compassion and we communicate as equals across all levels of the company. MS-Schramberg offers you an exciting future.


Students acquire knowledge in the areas of business administration, technology and the subject Technical Management, in which the entire product development process from innovation management to technical sales is covered from both a business and technical perspective. A broad field of application ranges from project management to product and process management, production planning, supply chain management, marketing, and technical sales or key account management. Graduates not only have a broad knowledge of business and economics, but are also well versed in technical matters after graduation.


  • High school diploma, preferably technical high school
  • Astrong technical understanding
  • Self-motivation, resilience, flexibility
  • Ability to work in a team


Vocational training: MS-Schramberg

Academic training: Dual University Villingen-Schwenningen

Length of study

3 years


The first part of this course of study conveys mechanical engineering basics, such as design, mechanics and material science. It is combined with plastics-specific basics, such as chemistry and plastics science. The in-depth part of this course of study focuses on plastics-specific topics, such as plastics processing, tool making and engineering mechanics. Graduates who have earned a Bachelor of Engineering have many career choices in the areas of design, development, application technology, production, project planning, customer service and sales.


  • High school diploma or technical college entrance qualification (NC 2,5)
  • Astrong technical understanding
  • Self-motivation, resilience, flexibility
  • Ability to work in a team


Vocational training: MS-Schramberg

Academic training: Dual University Horb

Length of study

3 years


Study opportunities open spots in 2023 open spots in 2024
Bachelor of Engineering – mechanical engineering (plastics technology) No No
Bachelor of Arts - BA (Technical Management) No No


At a university, you learn about theory. In order to be able to really launch a career with clear goals, students should also try out the practical side. During your time at MS-Schramberg you will not just take a step forward in your area of expertise, but you will also experience a corporate culture that is exciting on a human level.


As one of Europe's market leaders in the areas of magnet and measurement technology, pressing and sintering technology, injection moulding technology, glueing technology as well as tool and automation technology, MS-Schramberg offers many topics for your thesis. But the challenges and opportunities are not just limited to your subject area. We know that writing a thesis takes a lot of work and requires that you take on responsibilities. That is why we will do our utmost to support you. So that you can achieve a result you can build your future upon.


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