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The magnet specialists

Together with approximately 500 employees, we continuously impress our customers with tailor-made magnet solutions based on individual requirements. We pool our combined knowledge and passion to create custom magnet products for companies in a wide range of industries: from the automotive industry to businesses specialising in electrical engineering and automation technology as well as those in the energy, environmental and medical sectors.

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When it comes to magnets, we always keep the whole picture in mind

The demands on permanent magnets and assemblies are becoming ever more complex. That is why we assume responsibility for the entire value-added chain of magnet development and production: from the selection of materials to operating our own tool shop, jig department and production facility department.

Material development
Tool Making
Automation Technology
Tailor-Made Pressing
Injection moulding technology
Joining technology

The diversity of magnet technology

Magnets are fascinating As renowned magnet experts, we are using their physical properties in order to develop custom technical magnet solutions for your specific needs.

Thrilling magnet solutions

Decades of experience in the fields of magnet and plastics technology have turned us into specialists for custom magnet solutions. In order to keep impressing you with the best custom magnet solutions, we have already developed and built more than 700 specific magnet products.

Sintered magnets

Sintered magnets offer tremendous holding power and durability and are custom produced as hard ferrite magnets or rare earth magnets.

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Plastic bonded magnets - pressed

Plastic-bonded, pressed magnets offer a filling level of up to 97% NdFeB powder and thus higher magnetic values than injection-molded magnets.

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Plastic-bonded, injection-molded magnets

Plastic-bonded, injection-molded magnets have an enormous variety of shapes and allow the tightest tolerances.

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Sintered or plastic-bonded magnets with plastic

Since the 1980s, we have been overmolding sintered and plastic-bonded magnets with plastic and manufacturing functional elements for integration into assemblies.

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System solutions

For magnet assemblies, we process sintered and plastic-bonded permanent magnets into a customer-specific magnet system.

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Holding magnets

Our standard holding solenoids with holding forces from 5N to 900N such as pot magnet and bar magnet systems offer the right solution for every need.

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"We are excited about the idea of embedding success in our customers' products through our technology."

Heimo Hübner, Managing Director

Trust through quality and proximity

Technologically perfect, efficient magnet solutions at competitive prices are the basis for your satisfaction and enduring partnerships. MS-Schramberg is among Europe's leading magnet technology specialists for a reason. As our customer, you will be closely involved in all key processes: That creates trust and ensures sustainable quality as well as the top efficiency of the magnet solutions.


We are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and rely on the power of intelligence and creativity.


Our innovative solutions turn a product into a competitive advantage.


We combine knowledge, technology and experience to reach top quality standards.

Magnetic enthusiasm

As renowned magnet experts, we are a traditional company with values and a clear vision. MS-Schramberg does not just stand for secure jobs with fair compensation and career perspectives: We are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology in the field of magnets and rely on innovation powered by bright minds.

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Launch your professional career now

The training at MS-Schramberg is summed up by the motto "Supporting and Challenging". Our range of training is supplemented by courses of study culminating in a Bachelor of Engineering (specialisation in plastics technology) and a Bachelor of Arts (specialisation in industry).



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